• 16 Feb 2019
  • 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
  • Live Instructor Led Webinar

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EMF C12-1 (2/16/2019)  - Become a Certified EMF Consultant in the burgeoning business of EMF detection and protection, in response to the growing demand for personal protection from EMF exposure to electrical, magnetic, wireless technologies in our environment.

This is the first class in a series of twelve webinar classes leading to Certification as an EMF Expert Consultant, taught 'live' online in person by Chris Young, Senior Professional Electrical Engineer and EMF Expert Certification program Founder.

Registration for this first class automatically enrolls you for the entire course of live twelve training classes, and the self-guided classes that precede the live training. Your seat will be confirmed for this course once payment is received (first-come first-served basis).

This twelve week online EMF Certification course (designated EMF C12) is our most popular course, as it is designed to be fast paced in order to help you achieve certification as quickly as possible. You will receive the online self-guided portion of the training, and the classroom login info will be delivered to you by email on Feb 14 (2019). Our Live  EMF C12 Certification course, which begins Feb 16 (2019), is presented once a week for twelve weeks, and held online Saturday evening from 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM Pacific Standard time. A six week certification course (designated EMF C6)  is also periodically offered for a more intense learning pace of twice-a-week for six weeks. More FAQs about certification courses here.


EMF C12-1 (2/16/2019) - The burgeoning business of EMF detection and protection, its relationship with electrical, magnetic, and wireless technologies and the growing need for personal protection. What all this means to you as an EMF Consultant, and what it offers you professionally.

EMF C12-2 (2/23/2019) - An electrical engineer's perspective on electromagnetic field (EMF) behavior, what this means in practical terms for regulation and proliferation, and what the experienced, practical approach to EMF remediation and elimination provides.

EMF C12-3 (3/2/2019) - The EMF Spectrum from lowest to highest frequencies, the range of EMF frequency uses, regulation, control and varying frequency allocations worldwide. Applying the spectrum to EMF consultation evaluations and practical applied methods of EMF mitigation.

EMF C12-4 (3/9/2019) - Comparing and contrasting natural and man-made EMF, biological safety guidelines and legal safety standards. Understanding what you are dealing with EMF-wise.

EMF C12-5 (3/16/2019) - The nature of EMF Electrosmog and radio frequency (RF) wireless pollution, the extent, sources and proven, practical and proposed solutions.

EMF C12-6 (3/23/2019) - The biological and health effects of EMF and RF in living organisms; understanding electro-hypersensitivity (EHS), international EHS diagnostic guidelines, and ES Support Groups, Resources and Refuge.

EMF C12-7 (3/30/2019) - Historical and legal precedence (global), current events and the global breakthroughs of leading edge scientific research regarding the impacts of EMF on life.

EMF C12-8 (4/6/2019) - The proliferation of EMF in the global environment, current solutions worldwide, growing trends, future forecasts and solutions these will require.

EMF C12-9 (4/13/2019) - EMF Detection using the meters best suited to different environments and situations; understanding the various EMF meters, their specific applications, efficient and accurate measuring. Includes "EMF Meter Know-How" eBook with video how-to meter demonstrations, by Chris Young, P.E.

EMF C12-10 (4/20/2019) - EMF protection methods and shielding techniques used to eliminate EMF at its source, mitigate ambient EMF exposure, and remediate difficult EMF situations. Includes "Home Sweet Electrosmog-Free Home" eBook with step by step guidelines for EMF protection, by Chris Young, P.E.

EMF C12-11 (4/27/2019) - The wide ranging materials used to reduce, block or shield from EMF and/or RF exposure. Application of these materials for most effective function, creatively clever uses, and do-it-yourself solutions. Includes "Your Bedroom Sanctuary: Creating an Electrosmog-Free Sleeping Environment" eBook with DI construction plans for an EMF Shielding Bed Canopy, by Chris Young, P.E.

EMF C12-12 (5/4/2019) - Your EMF Expert Consultant Business - defining, launching, and managing your new certified consultant business. The training concludes with Graduation Ceremonies, Congratulatory Presentations and Special Awards of Merit. Diplomas and professional Certified EMF Consultant ID cards will be mailed thereafter.

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