EMF C6-2 Understanding Electromagnetic Fields

  • 30 Jan 2016
  • 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
  • On-Line

EMF C6-2 (1/30/2016) - An electrical engineer's insightful perspective on electromagnetic field (EMF) behavior, regulation, proliferation, and EMF remediation and elimination.

This is the Second class in a series of twelve online classes leading to Certification as an EMF Expert.

Registration for the first class (C6-1) in any course automatically registers you for the entire course of twelve training classes. Registration for this class is confirmed by the administrator. When the class is full, you will see registration for the entire course of 12 classes is closed. 

In that event, please look ahead in the event calendar to check the next available course (first classes are noted as C6-1 or C12-1), where you will find available space for new registrants. Meantime, be sure to register for one of our free presentations.


EMF C6-1 (1/27/2016)  - The burgeoning business of EMF detection and protection, its relationship with electrical, magnetic, and wireless technologies and the growing need for personal protection.

EMF C6-2 (1/30/2016)- An electrical engineer's perspective on electromagnetic field (EMF) behavior, regulation, proliferation, and EMF remediation and elimination.

EMF C6-3 (2/3/2016) -  The EMF spectrum from lowest to highest frequencies, the range of EMF frequency uses, regulation, control and use.

EMF C6-4 (2/6/2016) - Comparing and contrasting natural and man-made EMF, biological safety guidelines and legal safety standards.

EMF C6-5 (2/10/2016) - The nature of EMF Electrosmog and radio frequency (RF) wireless pollution, the extent, sources and solutions.

EMF C6-6 (2/13/2016) - The biological and health effects of EMF and RF in living organisms; understanding electro-hypersensitivity (EHS) and international diagnostic guidelines.

EMF C6-7 (2/17/2016) - Historical and legal precedence, and the departure of current and leading edge research regarding the impacts of EMF on life.

EMF C6-8 (2/20/2016) - The proliferation of EMF in the global environment, current solutions worldwide, and coming trends.

EMF C6-9 (2/24/2016) -  EMF Meter know-how; understanding the various EMF meters, their specific applications, efficient and accurate measuring.

EMF C6-10 (2/27/2016) - EMF protection methods and shielding techniques used to eliminate EMF at its source, mitigate ambient EMF exposure, and remediate difficult EMF situations.

EMF C6-11  (3/2/2016) - The materials used to reduce EMF, and to block or shield from EMF and/or RF exposure.

EMF C6-12 (3/5/2016) - Your EMF Expert Consultant Business - defining, launching, and managing your new certified consultant business. Graduation Ceremonies and Special Awards.

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